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Aqua Sponge AF2L Professional Fine Pore Sponge Aqua Sponge AF2L Professional Fine Pore Sponge, 6-1/4 in L X 4-1/4 in W

Made with HDQM polyester sponge material. This time tested formula provides superior strength and a cell structure that washes, wipes and rinses dirt and excess paste faster to meet the demands of the professional paper hanger, painter and wall washing contractor. Made in the USA.

Our Price: $3.49
Hydra TGS1 Tile Grout Sponge Hydra TGS1 Tile Grout Sponge, 7-1/4 in L X 5-1/8 in W X 2-3/8 in T

Used to wipe excess grout from joints. Corners rounded to prevent digging or marring joints.

Our Price: $4.29
Marshalltown 16587 Turtleback Sponge Marshalltown 16587 Turtleback Sponge

General purpose cellulose sponge. Shape conforms to hand. Holds water very well and washes clean. Applications: Wiping down walls, floors, wallpaper.

Our Price: $4.79
Duro Cell T85S Turtleback Sponge Duro Cell T85S Heavy Duty Turtleback Sponge, 7-3/4 in L X 3-3/4 in W

Highly absorbent and chemical resistant; "skin" increases durability and strength; ideal for wallpapering, general cleaning, grout and masonry work.

Our Price: $8.99
M-D 49152 Tile Cleaning Sponge Sponge Tile And Grout 5x7inch - Case of 10

Clean-up of grout haze and hardened grout. Made of synthetic materials.

Our Price: $34.99
M-D 49156 Grout Scrubbing Sponge Sponge Tile & Grout Scrub Pad - Case of 10

Clean-up of grout haze and hardened grout.

Our Price: $45.99