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Westclox 47312 Arched Quartz Alarm Clock Westclox 47312 Alarm Clock, Black Case

Alarm with snooze. Light on demand. Luminous hands. Uses 1 AA battery (not included).

Our Price: $8.99
Westclox 70043X Compact Large Alarm Clock Westclox 70043X Alarm Clock, LCD Display, Black Case

Large easy to read LCD display. Touch activated blue back light. 4 mins snooze alarm. Ascending alarm. Uses 2 AAA batteries (not included).

Our Price: $10.99
Westclox Travelmate Compact Folding Travel Alarm Clock Westclox 72028 Alarm Clock, CR2032 Lithium Battery, LCD Display

Ideal for anywhere, this is the travel alarm clock that you'll want two, one for your suitcase and one at home. This little clock is an updated version of the much beloved Travelmate. Clear LCD display and blue backlight makes it easier to see when you need to see the time, no matter what time it is.

Our Price: $12.99
Westclox 70044B Electric Alarm Clock Westclox 70044B Alarm Clock, LED Display, White Case

Alarm with snooze. Battery back-up. 0.6 in red LED display.

Our Price: $13.99
Westclox 70044A Electric Alarm Clock Westclox 70044A Alarm Clock, LED Display, Black Case

Alarm with snooze. Battery back-up. 0.6 in red LED display.

Our Price: $13.99
Westclox 47539A Celebrity Glo-Clock Alarm Clock Westclox 47539A Alarm Clock, AAA Battery, LCD Display, White Case

Westclox's favorite compact alarm clock has kept time for our satisfied customers for many years. Small L-shaped white LCD alarm clock fits in the palm of your hand. Press snooze button for back light.

Our Price: $13.99
Westclox 22690 Electric Retro Alarm Clock Westclox 22690 Alarm Clock, LED Display

This clock brings back fond memories of my childhood. This clock faithfully woke my dad at 5:20 AM every morning, for years. This is still the same clock for the past 30 years, 0.6 in red LED display, electric snooze alarm with battery backup. Plastic casing with wood grain finish.

Our Price: $16.99
Big Ben Classic Quartz Twin Bell Alarm Clock BIG BEN 70010G Alarm Clock, Gold Case

Westclox Big Ben twin bell alarm clock 70010G is 4-1/2 in, quartz analog clock that has great old-fashioned looks with battery operated dependability. Press the lens for dial light, as another modern perk on this great retro clock in goldtone. Imported.

Our Price: $16.99
CLOCK ALARM DIAL KEYWOUND WHT Westclox 15550 Alarm Clock, Plastic Case, White Case

The Westclox keno loud bell alarm clock white 15550 is a Westclox key wound classic. Small and dependable, it requires no batteries or electric power to keep time. Great for areas prone to power outages and for travel, when you don't want to or cannot, rely on the local power source.

Our Price: $16.99
Westclox 47550 Loud Bell Quartz Alarm Clock Westclox 47550 Alarm Clock, AA Battery, Black Case

Westclox Quartz Loud bell alarm clock 47550 has a loud bell alarm, quartz accuracy, light on demand and luminous hands. Battery operated. Imported. This clock does not have a snooze feature.

Our Price: $16.99
Westclox Baby Ben Wind Up Alarm Clock BABY BEN 11611QA Alarm Clock, Plastic Case, Silver Case

The Westclox 1964 Baby Ben Classic 11611 alarm clock is an attractive timepiece that will be a striking addition to your nightstand. A reproduction of the original key wound clocks produced by Westclox between 1964 and 1981, this real-bell, battery operated alarm clock enhances any bedroom decor with a hint of retro. The nickel metal bezel and base are ideally complemented by the ivory molded casing. Although compact, the 1/4 in black numerals against the white dial are clear and easy to read from across the room. Protected with a shatterproof acrylic lens, the black hour and minute hands have luminescent centers that glow for a short time at night. Designed to sit on a nightstand, shelf, desktop or any flat surface.

Our Price: $18.99
Westclox 71014X Plasma Screen Alarm Clock Westclox 71014X Alarm Clock, LED Display

This is one of those simply great alarm clocks, no bells and whistles, no complicated features that you can't figure out. Just plug it in and set time and alarm time and you're good to go! Nice and clear 0.9 in LED numeral display without other stuff cluttering the screen. Big snooze button on front of base, as well as alarm Off/Hi/Low slider. We did sneak in one little extra feature, because it just made sense, USB charging port for your mobile device is on the side of the base, so that you and your phone can start the new day, refreshed and recharged.

Our Price: $21.99
Big Ben 90010 Quartz Alarm Clock BIG BEN 90010 Alarm Clock, AA Battery, Steel Case

The Westclox Classic alarm clock 90010 has all the solid, good looks of a classic from 1939, but with the convenience of a battery to make sure that you don't miss a minute. The handsome steel case and clear black numerals on an off white dial are a ideal addition to any decor, both at home or the office. Quartz movement uses 1 AA battery, not included.

Our Price: $22.99
Westclox 66705 Large Display Alarm Clock Westclox 66705 Alarm Clock, LED Display, Black Case

Alarm with oversized snooze bar. Battery back-up. 1.8 in red LED alarm clock. Includes alarm set, hour/min and time set buttons.

Our Price: $23.99
LA Crosse 616-146A Atomic Projection Table Alarm Clock La Crosse 616-146A Alarm Clock, Alkaline Battery, AAA Battery, Digital Display, Plastic Case, Black Case

La Crosse Technology? atomic projection alarm clock projects time and indoor temperature on your wall or ceiling. Monitor indoor temperature, track temperature trends and enjoy the added moon phase tracker, all while charging your smartphone or other device with the integrated USB charging port.

Our Price: $44.99