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Century GF2054 Resilient Base Split Phase Electric Motor Century GF2054 Electric Motor, 0.5 hp, 1-Phase, 115 V, 1/2 in Dia x 1-1/2 in L Shaft, Sleeve Bearing

Resilient base, belt drive motor. Ideal for centrifugal pumps, blowers and fans. Continuous duty, energy efficient reversible 60 Hz. 1725 rpm, 115 V, 8 full load amps. 1.25 service factor. 48/56 frame. Sleeve bearing, open drip proof. Class B insulation.

Our Price: $299.99
Century C639 Rigid Base Electric Motor Century C639 Electric Motor, 0.75 hp, 1-Phase, 115/230 V, 5/8 in Dia x 1-7/8 in L Shaft, Reversible Shaft Rotation

Rigid base, 60 Hz motor. High torque, open proof, reversible. Ideal for compressors, pumps, milking machines, conveyors, blowers and fans. 230/115 V. 5.0/10 full load amps, 1725 rpms, 1 service factor, 56 frame. 40 deg C ambient. Class A insulation.

Our Price: $349.99
Century C520 High Torque Rigid Base Electric Motor Century C520 Electric Motor, 0.75 hp, 1-Phase, 208/230/115 V, 5/8 in Dia x 1-7/8 in L Shaft, Ball Bearing

Enclosed rigid base, reversible motor. Ideal for compressors, conveyors, machine tools, pumps, air conditioning, air circulation fans, evaporative coolers and home workshops. 40 deg C ambient. Ball bearing, continuous duty. 60 Hz, 1725 rpm. 208 to 230/115 V, 56 frame. 1.15 service factor. Class B insulation.

Our Price: $449.99
Century Farm Rated Extra High Torque Century Farm Rated K204M2 Electric Motor, 2 hp, 1-Phase, 115/230 V, 7/8 in Dia x 2-3/4 in L Shaft, Ball Bearing

2 hp 1800 rpm farm duty motor. Totally enclosed fan cooled. The motor has a manual overload protection to prevent damage in an overload situation. It is designed for high starting torque loads (300 to 400% of full load torque). All parts are corrosion-resistant. Removable condensate plugs. Excellent motor for any application requiring a 2 hp motor. Also ideal for woodworking machines, farm equipment and other industrial machines where the motor is exposed to saw dust, dirt, oil and other particles in the air that will damage the motor. Mounting is standard NEMA 182TZ frame, flat base with 6 holes, ball bearings. Gasket junction box and capacitor covers. Manual Overload Protection (red reset button).

Our Price: $899.99