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Tru Flate 17-509 Standard Tire Gauge Tru-Flate 17-509 Tire Gauge, 10 to 50 psi

Tru-Flate Tire Gauge, 10 to 50 psi Measuring

Our Price: $4.99
Victor 00876-8 Pencil Tire Gauge GENUINE VICTOR 22-5-00876-8 Pencil Pressure Gauge, 10 to 50 psi, Stainless Steel Gauge Case

Stainless steel pencil tire gauge designed to check tire pressure of car tires, SUV and truck tires and tractor tires. Four-sided indicator bar. 10 to 50 psi. 4 bonus black plastic valve caps.

Our Price: $4.99
Tru Flate 17-517 Tire Gauge Tru-Flate 17-517 Tractor Tire Gauge, 5 to 45 psi

For air and liquid filled tires. Includes special oiling and cleaning features to clean out corrosive fluids. Calibrated 5 to 45 psi in 1 lb units.

Our Price: $5.69
Plews 17-525 Dual Foot Tire Gauge Tru-Flate 17-525 Tire Gauge, 20 to 120 psi

For use on dual wheels and other difficult-to-reach valves. Short enough to fit in your pocket yet has a wide enough range to handle both cars and trucks. Calibrated 20 to 120 psi in 2 lb units and from 160 to880 kPa in 20 kPa units.

Our Price: $5.99
Victor 60105-8 Dual Foot Head Pencil Tire Gauge GENUINE VICTOR 22-5-60105-8 Pencil Pressure Gauge, 10 to 120 psi

For use on hard-to-reach valve stems on larger tires. A high-quality pencil tire gauge with 4 sided indicator bar and shirt clip. Powder-coated for improved grip and extended life. Includes 4 bonus valve caps.

Our Price: $5.99
GAUGE TIRE AIR/WATER 5-50PSI  Slime 2007-A Pencil Tire Gauge, 5 to 50 psi

If you're ballasting your tires, regular monitoring of your tire pressure is essential. Make checking your air pressure a whole lot faster with Slime's Air/Water pencil tire gauge. It was designed specifically for ballast tires and easily clips onto a pocket, so you'll always know where it is. Make sure your tires are up to snuff with the Air/Water Pencil Tire Gauge.

Our Price: $7.99
Slime 20049 Dial Tire Gauge Slime 20049 Tire Gauge, 5 to 60 psi, Brass Gauge Case

Quickly check your tire pressure and save some money on gas with Slime's large face dial tire gauge. Measuring 5 to 60 psi, this large face tire gauge easily fits onto a standard Schrader valve and is equipped with a pressure release valve, so you can adapt your tires to any situation.

Our Price: $9.99
Plews 17-551 Tire Gauge Tru-Flate 17-551 Tire Gauge, 10 to 60 psi, Steel Gauge Case

Professional type dial in a drawn steel casing with a nickel plated brass chuck. Easy-to-read dial calibrated 10 to 60 psi in 1 lb increments. Automatic reset, pressure release valve. Use for passenger cars, vans and light trucks.

Our Price: $12.99
Slime 20017 Digital Tire Gauge Slime 20017 Sport Tire Gauge, 5 to 150 psi

The most popular digital tire gauge in the world. The digital sport tire gauge measures from 5 to 150 psi and has a lighted tip that makes checking tire pressure at night fast and easy.

Our Price: $12.99
Slime 2021-A Dual Head Tire Gauge Slime 2021-A Pencil Tire Gauge, 10 to 150 psi

Get to those hard-to-reach valve stems with our Dual Head Truck and SUV Pencil Tire Gauge. It's extra long, so it can get through wheel wells easily. There's also a built-in key ring, so you can attach it to a lanyard. Make checking your tire pressure easier on yourself with this extended, heavy-duty pencil gauge.

Our Price: $13.99
Slime 20187 Digital Tire Gauge With Hose Slime 20187 Digital Tire Gauge, 0 to 120 psi

Take care of your tires and make things easier on yourself with Slime's wraparound digital tire gauge. Measuring from 0 to 120 psi, this digital tire gauge forms ideally to the palm of your hand and only has one button for easy usage. It features a wraparound hose with enough length to fit any size tire rims, as well as a magnified display so you can be sure you get the ideal reading every time.

Our Price: $22.99
Victor 22-1-41003-8 Tire Gauge GAUGE TIRE 100 LBS PENCIL - Case of 12

Checks the tire pressure of all tires 10 to 100 psi. 45 deg angled chuck with valve depressor. With pocket clip.

Our Price: $33.99
Plews 17-850 Tire Inflator Gauge Tru-Flate 17-850 Inflator Gauge, 10 to 120 psi

Rugged zinc casting, with rubber bumper guard to protect against damage if dropped and easy to read recessed sight glass. Replaceable valve assembly and gauging cartridge.

Our Price: $37.99