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Playstar PS 7676 Swing Hanger PLAYSTAR PS 7676 Swing Hanger, Heavy-Duty, Metal, For: Wood Swing Beams

Playstar's standard swing hanger is over 30% larger with a wider diameter steel than competitive standard swing hangers. Patented dual fastening system utilizes a second lag screw. This Doubles the holding power and ensures swing hanger will not turn out of orientation. Nylon bushing, swings smooth, quiet and straight.

Our Price: $16.99
Playstar PS 7668 Play Handle PLAYSTAR PS 7668 Play Handle, Polyethylene, Yellow

Playstar's heavy-duty play handles have solid-through construction and are not a lightweight hollow version. 9 in long and designed to comfortably fit a child's grip. These handles will assist in safe climbing.

Our Price: $19.99
Playstar PS 7690 Playset Anchor Kit PLAYSTAR PS 7690 Playset Anchor, Black, For: Securing Playsets, Slides and Climbers

Used to secure playsets, slides and climbers. Wider augers provide 30% more holding power. 60 mins installation time. Includes 2 anchors, all mounting hardware and easy-to-follow instructions. Easy-to-install in most soil types. Great alternative to wooden stakes.

Our Price: $23.99
Playstar PS 7828 Climbing Rope PLAYSTAR PS 7828 Climbing Rope, Polypropylene, Black

The climbing rope is sized specifically for a child's hand for easy climbing. Made from durable twisted polypropylene. Don't forget to tie knots to add to the fun and properly anchor at both ends.

Our Price: $25.99
Playstar PS 7836 Gym Ring PLAYSTAR PS 7836 Gym Ring, Polyethylene, Gold/Yellow

These gym rings feature solid through construction and are not hollow like most. Tear drop design with larger grip area comfortably fits child's hands. High-density polyethylene will not crack or break. Heavy-duty welded link chain with a soft rubber coating.

Our Price: $34.99
Playstar PS 7840 Steering Wheel PLAYSTAR PS 7840 Steering Wheel, HDPE, Yellow

Larger 11-3/4 in Dia enables you to drive like a Pro. Designed for a child's grip and twice as heavy as standard steering or pirates ship wheels. Heavy-duty solid-thru construction, Not hollow, for long life.

Our Price: $37.99
Playstar PS 7948 Swing Seat PLAYSTAR PS 7948 Swing Seat, 120 lb, 1 Seating

Molded design provides maximum comfort and adjustability. One-piece construction with No uncomfortable chains needed underneath seating surface for support. Heavy-duty welded link chain has a soft rubber coating. Strong, easy to connect quick link system.

Our Price: $39.99
Playstar Trapeze Bar PLAYSTAR PS 7538 Trapeze Bar, Steel, Green, Rubber-Coated

This rugged steel bar has a pliable rubber coating to make it the biggest and highest quality swing set trapeze bar available. Unique "U" shape design keeps children safe by not allowing the bar to rotate a full 360 deg during play. Easily attaches to all Playstar gym rings to create a unique gym ring/trap combo.

Our Price: $42.99
KIT ROCK CLIMBING SMALL GREEN PLAYSTAR PS 7831 Climbing Rock Kit, Standard, Plastic, Green, For: 3/4 in Thick Lumber

Climbing rocks are a smaller version of Playstar's popular extra-large climbing rocks. Comparable in size to competitive rocks. Design allows rocks to be gripped from 360 deg and mounted in unlimited configurations. Includes four standard sized uniquely shaped climbing rocks and mounting hardware. For use on 3/4 in thick lumber. Proudly made in the USA.

Our Price: $44.99
Playstar PS 7832 Discovery Telescope PLAYSTAR PS 7832 Discovery Telescope, Plastic

PLAYSTAR Discovery Telescope, Plastic, Dimensions: 11-3/4 in

Our Price: $44.99
Playstar Gym Ring PLAYSTAR PS 7536 Gym Ring, Polyethylene, Green

Premium-grade gym ring is made of high density polyethylene and will not crack or break. Features a power grip and metal grommet for rugged play. Great strength welded link chain has a soft rubber coating. Solid-through construction Not hollow.

Our Price: $49.99
Playstar PS 7952 Toddler Swing PLAYSTAR PS 7952 Toddler Swing

This swing can be used by children from 9 to 36 months. High seat back gives much needed support. Adjustable lap belt and easy-in and easy-out design are other features you will enjoy.

Our Price: $49.99
Playstar PS 7946 Swing Seat PLAYSTAR PS 7946 Rigid Swing Seat, Metal/Plastic, Beige/Cream

Ideal for that child transitioning from a toddler swing. Helps teach "To and Fro" swinging action. This swing has a strong firm seating surface and a heavy-duty welded link chain with a soft rubber coating.

Our Price: $52.99
Playstar Swing Seat PLAYSTAR PS 7548 Swing Seat

Great strength thermo resin provides flexibility and comfort. 30% wider and 2X thicker than standard swing seats. Our thickest welded link chain has 4000 lb burst strength with a soft rubber coating for maximum grip and each is 55 in long.

Our Price: $77.99
Playstar PS 7838 Speak/Spy Megascope PLAYSTAR PS 7838 Speak/Spy Megascope, Plastic

PLAYSTAR Speak/Spy Megascope, Plastic, Includes: Swivel Holder, Mounting Hardware and Easy-To-Follow Instructions

Our Price: $79.99
Playstar PS 7576 Swing Hanger PLAYSTAR PS 7576 Swing Hanger, Steel, Galvanized, For: Wood Swing Beams

Playstar's commercial-grade swing hangers are 50% larger than competitors so called "Heavy-Duty" swing hangers. Great cast steel construction is hot dipped galvanized for rugged play and long life. Features a nylon bushing for a smooth, effortless ride and four fastener holding power.

Our Price: $87.99
Playstar PS 7766 Climbing Bar Kit PLAYSTAR PS 7766 Climbing Bar Kit, Metal

A great add on kit for older children. Builds upper body strength and teaches total body coordination. 24 in wide steel bars will not crack or splinter and are made with a swedged end for easy mounting.

Our Price: $89.99
Extend-A-Bay PS 7664 Swing Station Kit PLAYSTAR PS 7664 Swing Station Kit, Extend-A-Bay, Steel, Green

Heavy-gauge sturdy frame bracket system. Allows you to extend the length of swing bay to 18 ft and add 2 activities of your choice. Combine two kits to build a simple A Frame Playset.

Our Price: $92.99
Playstar PS 7744 Monkey Ring Kit PLAYSTAR PS 7744 Monkey Ring Kit, Polyethylene, Yellow

A great alternative to metal rungs. Teardrop design that comfortably fits a child's grip. Solid-through construction, Not hollow. Heavy-duty welded-link chain.

Our Price: $95.99
Playstar Toddler Swing PLAYSTAR PS 7534 Toddler Swing, Metal Chain/Rope

Pleasant, soft, high-backed seat snugly fits children 9 to 36 months. Features our thickest welded-link chain with soft rubber coating.

Our Price: $139.99
Playstar PS 8813 Shallow Scoop Slide PLAYSTAR PS 8813 Scoop Slide, Conventional, HDPE, Yellow, For: 48 in Playdeck

Conventional scoop slide with wide handrails. Made from 100% virgin-grade high density polyethylene. Will not crack, break or fade. Intended for use on 48 in playdecks.

Our Price: $149.99
Playstar PS 8870 Vertical Climber PLAYSTAR PS 8870 Vertical Climber, HDPE, Gray, For: 48 in, 60 in Playdeck

An excellent alternative to metal or wooden rungs, cargo nets, rope ladders or fireman poles. Combine two for even more challenge. Made from 100% virgin-grade high density polyethylene. Will not crack, break or fade. Weight rating 250 lb.

Our Price: $179.99
Playstar PS 7980 Decorative Features Kit PLAYSTAR PS 7980 Decorative Kit, Yellow Pine

Transform your children's swing set. New and exclusive decorative kit allows you to personalize your play set, create custom themes and encourage imaginative play.

Our Price: $199.99

Fun, durable rider will provide years of enjoyment. The Air Rider easily attaches to two 2 x 6 in laminated or one 4 x 6 in beam.

Our Price: $199.99
Playstar PS 8860 Climbing Step PLAYSTAR PS 8860 Climbing Step

PLAYSTAR Climbing Step, Playstar, Suitable For Use With: 48 in, 60 in Play Desk, 6 in Length X 2 in Width, Includes: (1) Pair Blue Climbing Step Rails

Our Price: $249.99
Playstar PS 8814 Scoop Wave Slide PLAYSTAR PS 8824 Scoop Wave Slide, Polyethylene, Green, For: 48 in Play Deck

Unique scoop wave design provides for a quick comfortable slide. This slide is deeper, wider and thicker than conventional slides. Fits 48 in play decks. Made from 100% virgin grade high-density polyethylene.

Our Price: $269.99
Playstar PS 8876 Adventure Tunnel Kit PLAYSTAR PS 8876 Adventure Tunnel Kit, Plastic/Wood, Green

Adds 9 sq-ft of play deck space. Easily attaches to Playstar playsets. You can customize by adding Playstar slides and climbers.

Our Price: $299.99
Playstar PS 8850 Climbing Wall PLAYSTAR PS 8850 Climbing Wall, HDPE, Gray

The play action climbing wall brings the excitement of mountain climbing into your backyard. Ideal for younger children as the steps are designed for shorter legs and smaller feet. Easily attaches to any 48 in platform. Made from 100% virgin-grade high density polyethylene. This heavy-duty climber will not crack or fade.

Our Price: $479.99
Playstar PS 8816 Giant Scoop Wave Slide PLAYSTAR PS 8826 Giant Scoop Wave Slide, 8 ft L Slide, Open Slide, Straight Slide, HDPE, Green

Rolling waves with a deep swift scoop makes this an excellent slide. This slide is deeper, wider and thicker than conventional giant wave slides. Made from 100% virgin-grade high-density polyethylene. Will not crack, break or fade. Easily attaches to all 60 in platforms. Weight rating 350 lb.

Our Price: $499.99
TUBE SLIDE SPIRAL 300DEG 400LB PLAYSTAR PS 8821 Spiral Tube Slide, HDPE, Yellow, For: 48 in, 60 in Playdeck

The ultimate slide with a fun and exciting ride. Slide completes a 300 deg turn. Features a simple to build, unique 5 ft high crow's nest. Made from 100% virgin-grade high density polyethylene. Heavy-duty thick walls will not crack or break.

Our Price: $829.99