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Equine feed at Five Star Ranch and Home in Miami, OK
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Big V Feeds Tophand 12-8 Horse Pellets Big V Feeds Tophand 12-6 Sweet feed Big V Feeds Tophand 12% Sweet Grain

This feed is designed to be fed to breeding stock, maintenance & performance horses.

  • Tophand 12-6 Sweet Feed is formulated to be fed to mares, stallions,

    mature pleasure (light activity),and performance (moderate activity) horses

    to maintain desired body condition.

  • A quality sweet grain mix to be fed with medium to good quality hay or alfalfa.
  • A 12% protein from soybean meal that can be fed to all classes of livestock.
  • Added vitamins ADE that benefits the performance of all animals.
Big V Feeds Heritage Horse Weatherized Mineral Big V Feeds Heritage Senior Horse Pellet
Weatherized horse mineral Heritage Senior Horse is formulated to be fed to weanlings, yearlings, mares, stallions, mature pleasure (light activity) and performance (moderate & intense activity) horses.