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Southland SVC43  Garden Cultivator/Tiller MTD Southwest 21AK146G766 Troy Bilt Garden Cultivators Mantis 7222 Rental Tiller
43 cc gas 2 cycle cultivator is designed to help you accomplish a variety of cultivation and tilling tasks around your home and property. Built for trouble free dependable performance. The adjustable tilling widths of 6-10 inches and up to 5" tilling depth makes easy work of weeding and aerating soil. Manual recoil easy start. Up to 5" tilling depth. 8" tine diameter. Direct gear drive with clutch. 2 rear 7" wheels makes it easy to maneuver around lawn and gardens. A 3 piece foldable handle allows for convenient storage and front carry handle provides maximum portability. 1.75 gallon fuel tank helps ensure you have a good amount of fuel on hand. 29cc 4-cycle engine with recoil start. 6 premium tines. Forward tine direction. Jumpstart capable. Adjustable tilling width 6-12". Adjustable tilling depth up to 5". Commercial-grade 2-cycle engine spins the tines at up to 240 RPM, twice as fast as other tillers. Push button priming. Tough one piece gear box, folding handles, cushioned grips and with a variable speed control and shut-off switch at your fingertips. Serpentine tines quickly cut through hard sod, compacted soil, or tangled weeds, digging down 10 inches. Weighs 20 pounds. Weeds and cultivates even in narrow rows. 9" tine width.
Poulan Pro 900 Front Tine Garden Tiller Poulan 900 Front Tine Garden Tiller MTD Products 21A-34M8766 Troy-Bilt Tillers
208cc OHV LCT Engine. 26'' front tine. Forward transmission. 6 position depth stake. 8'' wheels. Husqvarna engine. Easy to handle, maneuver, transport and store. Ideal for homeowners who want to prepare garden patches or flower beds without using a spade. The carrying handles provide easy handling before and after use. One gear forward and one reverse for easy operation. 3 quart fuel volume. 6 depth adjustment step. 118 rpm rotation speed. 208cc Troy-Bilt OHV engine. 13/22/24" adjustable tilling width. 7" tilling depth. 12" steel bolo tines. 5" semi pneumatic transport wheels. 1 speed forward. Forward rotating tines. Minimal assembly.
MTD Products 21D-64M8766 Troy-Bilt Tillers Cub Cadet RT 35 Rear Tine Tiller Cub Cadet RT 45 Rear Tine Tiller
208cc OHV Troy-Bilt engine. Cast iron transmission with bronze gear drive. Counter rotating - 1 forward speed. 14" tilling width. 15" tine shield. 6" tilling depth. 10" Bolo tines. 11" x 4" ag tires. GARDEN TILLER

Cub Cadet® 208cc OHV engine
6" tilling depth
12" counter-rotating stamped steel tines

18" tilling width
12" counter-rotating steel tines
Counter rotating tines with power reverse
MTD Products 21D-65M8766 Troy-Bilt Tillers Cub Cadet RT 65 18" Rear Tine Tiller MTD Products 21AB45M8704 MTD Gold Tillers
208cc OHV Troy-Bilt engine with bumper. Cast iron transmission with bronze gear drive. Counter rotating - 1 forward and 1 reverse speed. 16" tilling width. 17" tine shield. 6" tilling depth. 10" Bolo tines. 13" x 5" ag tires. Rear Tine 18" Tiller 208cc OHV Powermore engine. Chain drive transmission. Dual direction - 1 forward and 1 reverse speed. 18" tilling width. 22" tine shield. 7.5" tilling depth. 13" steel tines. 16" ag wheels.
Maxim RMT Extra Rental Tiller Maxim TP50B Garden Tiller With Cultivator Attachment
163cc Honda GX160 engine. Chain drive transmission. 72 rpm maximum tine speed. Heavy-duty slasher tines with replaceable, bolt-on blades. 14" or 26" tilling width. Up to 10" tilling depth. Heavy-duty spring loaded pin drag bar. 1" -12" gauge tubular steel handle. Precision cast hitch with spring loaded pin. 10 x 1.75 tires (for transport only). Transmission enclosed in double welded case; extra metal shield keeps wires and vines out. Heavy-duty frames have reinforcement at points of stress. Spring loaded steel wheels. Dimensions: 61"L x 24"W x 39"H. Weighs 147 lbs. Complete home garden unit that breaks ground and cultivates. Tines install easily for tilling. Use tractor wheels and a variety of attachments for cultivating. The precision cast hitch operates in multiple positions with spring loaded pins. Till 'N Plow features a 7.5 GT Briggs & Stratton engine and our largest chain drive transmission, Approximate tine speed is 72 RPM, Heavy duty 10 x 1.75 wheels swing away for easy transport.