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STOVE CAMP PORTABLE CUB       STOVE MEDIUM CAST IRON EPA    Summers Heat 50-SVL17 Non-Catalytic Wood Stove
Our Price: $179.99
Our Price: $399.99
Constructed of fully welded 12 gauge steel. "HexaTech" Hexagonal firebox design provides long burn times and even heat distribution. 1 cu. ft. firebox can heat tents up to 12 x 14 and burn up to 5 hours. Large flat surface for cooking - reaches up to 500 degree F. 38 lbs. total stove weight is easy to transport. Bent top edges maximize heat and double as carrying handles. Offset chimney pipe for more cooking space (4" diameter, top exhaust). High temp. fiberglass door gasket (included). Circular door damper and in-door air redirect. Legs are removable and fit inside the stove body for storage and portability. Ash lip provides extra safety. Included spring handles keep the door latch and damper controls cool to the touch. Satin black, high temperature paint is attractive and easy to maintain. Only for use in tents made for stove usage (i.e. a canvas wall tent with a stove jack); not for use in nylon or other tents not suited for stove use. Dimensions: 19 ?"L x 14"W x 19 3/8"H. Rustic, heavy duty, cast iron construction. Ideal for any rugged outdoorsman, those with a nostalgic taste, or someone simply looking for reliable, cost efficient, heating.  Inside this rugged exterior is a modern EPA Certified stove. Dimensions: 21.5"W x 30.5"D x 25.75"H. Weight 116 lbs. Heats up to 900 Sq. Ft. Accepts up to 23" logs. MAY NOT BE INSTALLED IN MOBILE HOMES - EPA Emissions: EPA CERTIFIED. The dealer is responsible for knowing the regulation in their Provinces, State, city, county, district, or zip code. Summers Heat Wood Stove, Non-Catalytic, 40000 BTU, 1200 sq-ft, 16 in Log Wood Fuel, 6 in Flue Collar, 10-5/8 X 14-7/16 in Door, 1.1 cu-ft Firebox, Cast Iron, 31-3/4 in Overall Height, 21-1/4 in Overall Width, 15-1/8 in Overall Depth, EPA Certified
The Railroad Potbelly PB65XL Railroad Potbelly Stove The Defender TR001B Wood Stove Performer TR009 Wood Stove with Blower
The Railroad Potbelly Railroad Potbelly Stove, 200000 BTU, 1500 sq-ft, 40 lb Coal/Wood Fuel, 10 X 19 in Firebox, 0.65 Efficiency, Cast Iron, 34 in Overall Height, 22 in Overall Width, 20 in Overall Depth The Defender Wood Stove, 68000 BTU, 1200 sq-ft, 100 cfm, 17 in Log Wood Fuel, 14-1/2 X 8 in Door, 0.75 Efficiency, Steel, 28 in Overall Height, 23-1/2 in Overall Width, 25-1/2 in Overall Depth, Includes: (1) Blower, UL Listed, CSA, EPA Certified Performer Wood Stove, 119000 BTU, 2200 sq-ft, 100 cfm, 12 hr, 20 in Log Wood Fuel, 17 X 9 in Door, 21 X 17 in Firebox, 0.75 Efficiency, Steel, 33 in Overall Height, 26-1/2 in Overall Width, 30-1/2 in Overall Depth, Includes: (1) Blower, UL Listed, CSA, EPA Certified
United States Stove 2000 Wood Stove Ponderosa TR007 Wood Stove
United States Stove Wood Stove, Model: 2000, 89000 BTU, 2000 sq-ft, 100 cfm, 21 in Log Wood Fuel, 6 in Flue Collar, 22-1/2 X 12-1/2 in Firebox, 1.9 cu-ft Firebox, Clearance From Side Wall: 8 in, Clearance From Rear Wall: 6 in, Clearance From Front: 25 in, Steel, Matte Black, 30 in Overall Height, 27 in Overall Width, 24-1/2 in Overall Depth Ponderosa Wood Stove, 152000 BTU, 2600 sq-ft, 150 cfm, 14 hr, 22 in Log Wood Fuel, 15 X 9 in Door, 18-1/2 X 26 in Firebox, 0.82 Efficiency, Steel, 33 in Overall Height, 24 in Overall Width, 38-1/2 in Overall Depth, Includes: (1) Blower, UL Listed, CSA, EPA Certified