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Storm Shelters avaialable at Five Star Ranch & Home in Miami, OK
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Workbench “Hunker Bunker” Storm Shelter Workbench “Hunker Bunker” Storm Shelter

This is a very unique storm shelter. Constructed from 3/16 plate steel like all of our shelters, it is ALSO a workbench with a vise. We use the same door as our Gen 3 Shelters only the door is ONE HALF as tall — thus workbench height.

Available in matte black finish with a red vise and door vent. The vise and door vent are also available in Ford Blue, Chevy Orange, and John Deere Green at no extra charge. The aluminum diamond plate is for decoration and it is applied over our 3/16 steel material. Our standard unit is 6′ long; however, we also make 8′ and 10′ models.

Our Price: $3,250.00
Safe-T-First 4x6 Above Ground Storm Shelter Safe-T-First 4x6 Above Ground Storm Shelter

This is our original shelter. Over time we have made small changes to make a better shelter; however, the basic design has not changed. It is still rated the highest possible for the E‑F 5 storm. Check our detailed description here.

We make and keep in inventory six different sizes. The most popular is our 4′ x 6′ shelter. We will custom build other sizes as well and we will customize your shelter with either a left or right swing door. We will also move the door location to fit your needs at no extra cost! We have added a window in the door and it has been rated and tested for the E‑F 5 storm.


The door is typically the “weak place of any shelter; we only build IN-SWING DOORS. It takes more effort and material to build this type of door; however, we know it’s worth it. Think about it: you can always get out of your shelter if the door swings to the INSIDE!

There is one lever to operate our door. You can access the shelter from the outside in the event that a small child has locked themselves in or an older adult who might have a medical emergency and is unable to open the door. THIS IS A FEATURE THAT IS ONLY AVAILABLE FROM SAFE-T-FIRST STORM SHELTERS!

Our Price: $4,700.00
Sale Price: $3,899.99
Savings: $800.01